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Make Sure You Put Your Customers First

Search-engine optimization, or SEO, is crucial in today's competitive online marketplace. But SEO isn't enough. Choosing the right keywords is not sufficient to assure would-be customers that your company is attuned to their customer life cycle. Their needs at different stages of their search must be addressed. If customers feel that they are not being heard or understood, even an elaborate website may not help. Empathy with your customers' needs will help you win them over, in addition to smart SEO use.

Key Takeaways:

If your customer doesn't want your products, campaigning your product online is not effective.

Remember to give your customer what they want. Keywords for your specific business will drive leads and sales.

Your website to your idea must align together to support your customers' needs. Don't focus on one thing and not the customer.

“A good website is part of your branding and it serves as your online business card. When people visit, they know exactly what your business is and how your product or service will meet your customers’ needs.”

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