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New Study Finds Average Load Time for a Mobile Page is 22 Seconds

The article is basically about the “benchmark 3 seconds” of mobile sites loading time, while in reality it takes most mobile sites 22 seconds to load. Site developers are attempting to lower their loading times because most online users are gone in “under 3 seconds,” meaning they are not sticking around for the mobile sites to even load their full content. The author has given some helpful tips for not only reducing load time but getting mobile site users to stick around: 1) lower your loading time to reduce the amount of “bounce rates and low conversions.” Makes sense. 2) The smaller the page size, the less time it takes to load, so developers should strongly consider HOW much content they really need. 3) This one is very similar to #2 in that developers need to be very strategic in editing their images and content to the necessities. 4) Developers may “have to accept” that they do not control users access to high speed internet any they may abandon sites due to their own lack of 4G. All in all, reduce unnecessary content, edit images and attempt to hit the ”
seconds benchmark.”

Key Takeaways:

More than half of web traffic comes from mobile devices

The larger the page, the longer it takes to load

Use google mobile page speed checker to monitor your site

“According to an article on Think With Google titled Find Out How You Stack Up To New Industry Benchmarks for Mobile Page Speed, the average loading time for a mobile page is 22 seconds.”

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