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How Search Intent Modifiers Affect Google SERP Features

Google SERP has defined the way that many websites succeed online. Their website developers want to track Google SERP results to make adjustments. Search intent is a new concept that is given renewed attention too. When users search through Google, what is their intent online. Google SERP is renowned for its unique new content features now on display. Get familiar and design sites that respond to the content accordingly. That will bring success for any new website project.

Key Takeaways:

Google SERP is a respectable entity in its own right online. Web developers look to Google SERP to make changes that are required.

Plan modifiers for SEO created in an online context. These modifiers can make all the difference for new web content.

Intent modifiers are being debated with respect to Google SERP. Search intent is hard to anticipate, but it could be important too.

“Shopping Boxes led the entire Commercial intent category with the exception of the Compare modifier.”

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