specialized SEO services

The Argument Against Specialized SEO Services

SEO is a very important aspect of your web presence. If you are in the market for hiring a company or individual to help with your SEO needs, you should look into picking a well-rounded company that can help in a variety of different industries instead of a specialized SEO company. They will be better equipped with handling your SEO needs because they are used by a wide number of companies and they know how to handle SEO in multiple different industries.

Key Takeaways:

Most companies know that SEO is very important, but they do not know how to implement it.

You need to customize your SEO campaign to suit your overall needs.

There may be a conflict of interest when you are working with someone that has many other clients in your industry.


“Is specialized SEO better? The simple answer is no. In our experience, it is actually much better to hire a firm that has worked across multiple industries.”

Read more: https://www.brickmarketing.com/blog/specialized-seo-services.htm

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