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The Impact Web Hosting Services Has On E-Commerce Profits

The dot com era of the 90's and early 2000 many eCommerce emerged and because of the high usage of the internet today, many internet based companies have emerged who directly or indirectly compete for consumer preference. In such a competitive market, it is noticed that many of the internet based companies have failed to keep up with the online market. This is due to the reason of over growth profit, strategies or poor management. Many internet business where left penniless or experienced high percentage of loss. The good news is that lessons have been learnt and the overall internet based companies are growing again and this time around stronger than they use to be.

Key Takeaways:

In such a competitive market it is no surprise that many of these so-called companies failed to keep up with the dynamic pace of the online market.

While some companies focus on things like online consumer behavior, website design, and customer engagement they fail to acknowledge the importance of a quality hosting service provider.

What makes an online store successful is an aggregate of multiple factors such as increasing web traffic with ability to scale to, good website speed and a secure payment gateway.


“The extreme growth of the internet has led to the formation of many internet-based companies who compete for consumer attention.”

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