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Using Google Places to Promote Your Practice

The visibility and presence of your practice on the internet is important. Since most service consumers are now tech savvy, the internet has become a medium to find what they need. Without a great internet strategy and online availability, your practice may sink to oblivion as your local competitors take up internet services. You need to have a working online marketing plan for your practice to get noticed and to gain the desired traffic of consumers to your services.

Even with the website in place, your would-be clients will not be able to approach you with ease if they cannot acquire the details of your physical location. You need to take measures that will place you on the map and help potential customers within your area find you. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by taking up Google Places services and using them to your practice's advantage. The great thing about Google Places is that it is a free tool offered by Google to help existing local businesses be more readily available to those local consumers searching for services.

What is “Google Places” and how does it work?

Google Places is a mapping service that uses real life maps and even photos at street level to place businesses in their actual location. Through this service, Google uses satellite imagery and maps of a certain location to pinpoint and clearly highlight where businesses and practices within that area are located. For instance, if you have a practice on street “A,” when a search for “practices within street A’s area” is made, your business is among the first to appear. There is a map clearly indicating where you are located on the street.

Why you need Google Places as a practice?

With Google Places services, the task of finding you becomes easier and faster. This then translates to more and more customers coming to you for services since they can readily identify you and have the directions to your practice. For you to fully enjoy Google Places, you need to ensure that it is well integrated into your website. The service is automated by Google but there are several key factors that need to be managed in order for your practice to make it to the first pages of every search. This is where you need Practice Promoter, to put you on the map and to make sure you stay at the top.

Making Google Places work for you

Like any other page on the internet, for your site to appear amongst the top contenders in every search, proper search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be implemented. As your ranking increases with SEO, so does the chance of getting noticed by consumers. However, your site's content has to be written by a professional, a person that knows how to handle keyword placement and will incorporate your location so that with every search, your practice is found at the top, along with a Google Places map.

For the best online solutions, our services at Practice Promoter are what your practice needs. We offer lasting internet services that put you on the map and crush your competition once and for all. From handling your website, to working out your Google Places needs, we strive to ensure that you are on the right marketing track for your practice.

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