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Why Free SEO Audits & Tools Can Actually Cost You More On The Long Run

Search Engine Optimization tools are incredibly important to analyze your website, not all SEOs are created equally. Free SEOs may only analyze your website, and not compare it to others. They may not drive traffic to your pages because they do not analyze how your tags are used on Google, and how they compare to like-minded sites. Free SEOs may even mislead you in your efforts to maximize your bottom line because they are smaller scoped and thus limited, costing you valuable time in an era of social media.

Key Takeaways:

If you are very active on social media forums, then you know about SEO audit offers.

An audit works the same way for SEO as it does in the world of finance.

The audit sort of operates like a doctor to see what is wrong with your site.

“The truth is that when you say SEO you say everything, because almost everything impacts SEO these days, from traditional technical SEO implementations and keywords to conversion rates, design, and UX.”

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