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10 Must-See Easy Digital Downloads Extensions for Your WordPress Site

A WordPress site is easy to set up when it is needed. Web developers often code for multiple WordPress sites at the same time. Easy digital download extensions make a few details easier to add as well. Points and rewards are becoming more common on these WordPress sites too. That could be the right choice for developers who want to try these options. Do the research and be ready to revamp the WordPress site as needed.

Key Takeaways:

Some must-see digital download extensions include points and rewards programs, QuickBooks payments, and email templates.

More download extensions include currency converters, audio sampler players, PDF vouchers, and product upsells.

Social login, Dropbox, and Popup Plugin are other download extensions.

“Because WooCommerce has a broader focus that includes physical goods and services, it has left room for a more efficient and niche solution for e-commerce businesses interested in exclusively selling digital downloads. And that solution is Easy Digital Downloads.”

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