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accessiBe: Be Accessible for your Users

Over the past few years, there has been a much-needed push to make websites accessible to those with disabilities. From 2017-2018 there was a 200% increase in lawsuits and demand letters, as a result, in 2018, the Department of Justice affirmed the American Disabilities Association applies to websites. We've  teamed up with accessiBe to help make not only our websites compliant, but our clients' websites as well. With clients like BMW, Barilla and Hilton — we are happy to be a part of the team. It's simple, affordable and the work this software does goes a long way.

Let's start with the definition of website accessibility: Web accessibility is a set of rules, behaviors, code standards and design guidelines, that are meant to allow people with disabilities to effectively use websites (accessiBe

What is accessiBe: accessiBe is the first and only AI-powered solution that is revolutionizing the  industry by making web accessibility simple, automatic, immediate and  affordable, in compliance with the WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and other  worldwide legislation. accessiBe was developed over the course of 18 months alongside people with  disabilities, including blind individuals who are leading experts in assistive technologies. One of them is a lead developer of JAWS, the most popular and  advanced screen-reader in the world.

How accessiBe works: accessiBe scans and analyzes your website using AI technologies. Then, it applies all the required adjustments to become ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliant. This process takes up to 48 hours and upon completion, you’ll get an Accessibility  Statement and certification of performance directly to your email.

The process of becoming compliant using our solution is very simple:  

Install our single line of JS code.

Your website instantly displays our accessibility interface.

Our AI starts scanning and analyzing your website.

In JUST 48 hours, our AI is finished, and your website is compliant.  5. Our AI re-scans for new and revised content to process every 24 hours.

Why you need accessiBeThe first and only automatic, AI-powered machine-learning web accessibility solution that complies with worldwide legislation and keeps websites compliant 24/7.

Get your website up to accessibility code TODAY! 

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