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Brand Activism and the Role of Content

The modern consumers of today are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and critical. Brands have to constantly evolve to keep up, to stay relevant, and to be sure their message and presentation is hitting the right notes with those consumers. Brand Activism is one of the latest trends in branding. No more brands can simply stand for themselves. To best reach today's consumers, brands must stand for things those consumers value, such as charitable or worthwhile causes. By supporting such causes, the brand can stay relevant in the minds and spending of consumers.

Key Takeaways:

Brands can use activism to create campaigns that are an extension of what their company stands for.

An electrical company that believes in energy efficiency and recycling could, for example, develop a campaign to remind users to recycle certain products.

As more and more companies are jumping on the activism bandwagon, it's becoming difficult for brands to stand idly by, swathed in a curtain of neutrality.

“Brand activism is a natural evolution of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Through CSR, brands make decisions that benefit communities or audiences affected by their brands.”

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