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Appreciate your employees more!

Appreciating employees is something all of us could do a little bit more. Showing up to work every day is a job within itself. There are so many other competing factors in someone's life, that we may or may not be aware of. Yet, they come to work, with a smile on their face ready to tackle their tasks for the day. They know showing up and doing their work is appreciated, but sometimes it's nice to show appreciation rather than just saying it.

When an owner of a business, or boss acknowledges the work an employee has been putting in, it makes that employee feel like a million bucks. And, good thing for you, a million bucks is not needed! One of the most undervalued pieces to a successful business is happy employees.

Our favorite employee appreciation gifts for under $25: 

Sending a small gift to those who are working hard every day, creates a great company culture. In addition to happy workers, there's morale, and showing up to work everyday isn't the worst thing. 

Plus, when someone is drinking out of their “Best Employee Ever Mug” and their client compliments them, they'll get to say, “thanks, my boss got it for me.” How good does that feel AND look?

Happy shopping!

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