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Making an extraordinary presentation in five minutes

For a lot of people, giving a presentation is really intimidating. Whether it's the anxiety of standing in front of a group of people or the anxiety because you don't know what to say to make your words effective, everyone has a panic moment while prepping.  So, today we are going to give you the tools you need to make an extraordinary presentation under ordinary circumstances.

Here are our proven steps for a great presentation:

Start with your goal. What are you hoping to get out of this presentation, and what are you hoping your audience gets out of your presentation? Make your goal clear from start to finish.

Keep it simple. It's easy to get lost in the details, but people can literally get lost in your details. Your point may not be as clear when you start spewing details at your audience.

Find 3-5 supporting graphics. Rather than words as your presentation, use graphics. It'll help your audience visualize how your presentation will effect them.

Use real life examples. People relate to other people. In addition to your graphics, this also helps your audience visualize how your presentation will effect them.


Presentation tips:

Presentations don't only have to be a one-way conversation. Work time into your presentation where your audience can interact with you, give their feedback, and have the chance to ask questions.

Practice your presentation. You may make your presentation in five minutes, but don't skip the practice. Especially, when you're presenting to the board, who holds the keys to your job.

Avoiding using words such as “like”, “um”, “uh.” People notice this way more than you think they do. If you need a moment to collect your thoughts, that's okay! Take a moment. Audiences will appreciate that silent moment way better than the empty words.

Smile and eye contact – need we say more?


Getting up and talking about your cool ideas with a group of people doesn't have to be anxiety-provoking. Think of it as a fun way to share your amazing ideas. Get creative! And, most importantly, don't overthink your presentation.

Cheers to a great presentation!

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