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Google Research: User Satisfaction and Trust

The usage of Google Research will provide different results about the User satisfaction and trust. It briefly portrays the low and high-quality design. The first impression of the customers of the website is the visual complexity and prototypicality. Also, the users prefer to have information on the home page. It also concentrates on how to satisfy the mobile users. Each of this study has its own limitations which have to be understood and analyzed.

Key Takeaways:

First impressions and the way an individual perceives content on a website play a big role in user satisfaction.

The attractiveness of the website plays a big role in how much a person trusts what they are looking at.

Some things to remember when thinking about user satisfaction is to keep it simple, make it attractive, and also be sure that the purpose of the page is clear.

“Making a website easy to scan, and in general easy to perceive within 50 milliseconds or less contributes to higher positive judgment about a site.”

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