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Why HTTPS Matters for Content Marketers: Website Security, SEO, and Customer Trust

As the shift from HTTP to HTTPS domain holdings has emerged and taken over in recent years, marketers are left with a fuzzy understanding of what this means for their strategies and website optimization. Understanding the details that encompass this change, including the need for increased security and more relevant search engine suggestions, marketers can use this shift to greatly benefit their company as majority of trusted domains transfer to this form of domain holding.

Key Takeaways:

Having a secure website means that the data that is transmitted between parties cannot be intercepted.

Google considers HTTPS as a signal of trust and may rank sites that are secure much higher than those that aren't secure.

A security certificate is easy to purchase and install from your internet provider, or alternatively, install your own through a service.

“Not having HTTPS on your site can now hurt your marketing efforts in two big ways: search engine visibility and customer trust.”

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