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Image Link Building – Whiteboard Friday

White Board's CEO is educating people on creating links via images. Knowing your link targets is the most important. Popular industry platforms should be kept at the top. Old popular images need to be updated. Popular content needs to be transformed into images. Keyword research, providing value, optimizing, and monitoring are key to successful promotion via images. A basic template is provided for people to use images to market their own brand.

Key Takeaways:

Start by comparing your links to industry standards using sites like MOZ's OSE or Open Site Explorer.

Check into the images of the past that are popular and see how they can be reincorporated or reused successfully.

Influencers are key to social media, to see who is an influencer in your target audience or field to see how you can match them.

“Image link building is a delicate art. There are some distinct considerations from traditional link building, and doing it successfully requires a balance of creativity, curiosity, and having the right tools on hand.”

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