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The Rules of Link Building – Whiteboard Friday

Link building is no longer a brand new SEO strategy. And like all SEO strategies, the paradigms are always shifting. Some link builders may be using outdated practices, or simply not be up on the latest optimizing strategies. You could be one of these link-builders. Some strategic “dos” include linking your web business to local listings because local listings are doing well. Note those businesses that cite your site in a positive way and get them to link to you. Create great link-worthy content. Reclaim broken links. Reach out to other web mavens. Don't buy, or sell links. Don't ask for anchor text. Don't try to fade your links into the woodwork. Don't use site-wide links. Also stay clear of link exchanges and using automated tools and guest posts as links. If unsure, go for that which looks professional and avoid that which looks “spammy”.

Key Takeaways:

Determine the value of websites link building whether it is ranking, traffic or relevance.

Promoting business through local listings platform is often recognized by Google.

Reach out to business and media outlets that mention your business and request that they link articles to your website can improve traffic and online presence.

“There's nothing wrong with asking. There's nothing wrong with outreach, especially when done well.”

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