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Outbound Linking Guidelines to Follow

Web marketing is meant to drive traffic inbound and draw more visitors to your site. While this is a primary tool for exposure, it's particularly helpful to increase traffic by outbound links as well. Linking to other sites by referencing them on your pages helps with search engine ranking. It's important to make sure the outbound link is relevant to your business and also stay transparent if you are affiliate posting. Clients who share links on the site from a comment or blog post should be reviewed carefully before posting.

Key Takeaways:

Companies are concerned with inbound links but should also be concerned with outbound links as these are also being crawled by search engines.

Linking to other websites helps to provide for a better customer experience and gives your site additional credibility. Make sure you link to credible sites.

There are guidelines for paid links. Make sure you try to remain transparent to your sites visitors by appropriately marking this content.

“The goal of every website should be to provide visitors with a good experience, something that gets them to come back and visit again and keeps the brand/company represented by the website viewed in a positive light.”

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