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Rebuilding Your Website’s Infrastructure the Right Way With 301 Redirects

You may need to rebuild your website at some point. It may not be meeting your needs any longer. As the internet changes we often need to update things. If we don't we could fall behind. Having a modern website is going to help your business because customers will be more impressed by it and will take you more seriously. This gives good advice for rebuilding so you can have the most business success possible.

Key Takeaways:

Make sure the structure of your website is well organized and optimized.

Use care when doing 301 redirects, take into account the page's popularity and authority with regards to the rest of the site's pages.

Remember to use 301 redirects, not 302, to see real change.

“It’s important that you review your site while asking if each piece of content, URL slug, etc., was crafted in a precise manner.”

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