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Roll-Up Property Considerations for Google Analytics 360

Google analytics is thinking of making a change and they're trying it out with 360 and they're calling the project google analytics 360. This project involves Roll-Up analytics and it is thought to give these 360 users an advantage in advertising. Google Analytics is not sure that they will actually need this feature which is why they are giving it a trial run with 360 people to see how successful the feature will be for these users.

Key Takeaways:

Even though there is a Property ID that is formatted like all the other property IDs that you are familiar with, this Property ID is not meant to go anywhere on your site or in a tag manager.

It can be thought of as a master folder that will sync and copy data from your chosen properties automatically (only data moving forward from the roll-up property creation date).

Roll-Up data also gets around the limitation of not being about to join multiple views’ data in Data Studio, so aggregate data can be visualized and added easily.

“This post will be focused solely on the roll-up reporting feature for Google Analytics 360, but several of the broad ideas and concepts here can translate over to other aggregate tracking solutions that you may be using.”

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