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Small Business Logo Guide for Every Budget

Branding is a complicated, but critical, subject for any business. Large or small, your brand is everything when it comes to converting potential customers into actual customers. An often overlooked aspect of branding is the humble logo. We see and know so many familiar logos, we forget how important they are to helping build and sustain a strong brand. It's tempting to think, when you're starting your business, that just anyone can throw something together for your logo. But considering this is often the first look customers get at you, it's important to get the logo right.

Key Takeaways:

You can design your own logos with your own ideas and creativity.

If your hiring a designer make sure he is the right one. Invest your time in choosing the right person.

No need to pay a fortune for the startup design logo. The logo needs to represent your company idea not necessarily be fancy.

“Simple logos are often the most effective, as they’re easier to understand.”

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