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How to Build a Facebook Funnel That Converts – Whiteboard Friday

This article helps you build a easier more consistent funnel and shows you also what to avoid. A key element is knowing who you are targeting and building for that audience. Then you should listen to what your already knowledgeable followers are saying and build from that as well. Now this is where you make your audience interested by directing them down a unique path. Then they should be more interested to consider.

Key Takeaways:

The misuse of Facebook technology. What that means is not having the pixel installed, not using custom conversions, not using a tag management solution to help you out, and not really understanding and using custom audiences the right way, because those are ultimately what make remarketing and really what make this whole funnel thing really drive through.

We need between six to nine brand touchpoints. Another thing, and I kind of call this the SEO mentality, we think that just because somebody is interested or searching for red shoes that means they want to buy it. It's not the case.

We need to build that value, that relationship and really build that purchase intent. We do that through content, which I'm going to talk about in depth over here as well.

“Before we get into that framework, there are a couple of key things that I want to just check off right off the bat that might help you. These are key mistakes that I see people making all the time.”

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