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16 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site Right Now

Development teams have found that a WordPress site could be a useful asset. They are easy to make and simple to host online for new users to browse. These development teams want to speed up their WordPress site in new ways. It is possible to do that right now for those interested. Follow some quick ways to speed up that WordPress site as needed. Caches and image compression software will make that site easier to develop.

Key Takeaways:

The use of a catchy plugin, a CDN for your site, lazy loading and image compression, and design simplification can speed up your WordPress site.

Videos should be embedded, photos should be protected against image theft, and blog excerpts should be used as well.

Limit social media, disable comments, fix broken links and clean up existing files, limit edits, replace your theme, use faster plugins, and limit HTTPS server requests.

“When building WordPress sites, a caching plugin is one of the first ones you should install.”

Read more: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/quick-speed-tips-wordpress/

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