Do you ever wonder why your WordPress site runs slow or keeps getting hacked?

WordPress is a popular alternative to developing a website from scratch, it is easy to use and millions of websites run on it. Because of its popularity, it is vulnerable to hacking. Updating the WordPress website can prevent this, however, various themes and plugins can still leave you vulnerable. Consistent effort to update plugins can help towards a more secure WordPress website.

Key Takeaways:

WordPress is one of the largest website creation tools in the world due to its accessibility, but its user-friendliness is exactly what makes it vulnerable.

WordPress developers do not update their product nearly enough, and most of the updates you do see are security related.

With WordPress, you may receive a nice looking product that functions well, but you'd be sacrificing performance and ease of maintenance if plugins are not updated.

“The reason for its popularity is the huge community developing for it and easy to use modular nature of plugins and themes.”

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