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What kind of issues does my one-time fix cover?

Have you ever been working on your website, you update a plugin, and then BOOM… it seems like your website has taken on a whole new personality? We can guarantee that it’s happened at least once (if not more) to anyone who’s worked on a WordPress Website. It would be nice if you had a team who was there to help you when something like that happened and solve it in less than 24 hours wouldn't it…

So, what exactly is a One Time Fix and what does it cover?

A One Time Fix is meant to be a simple fix – as it only covers one hour of support for a site issue, update, or update issue. And, yes, we typically have a 24 hour turnaround time! If you are looking for more than an hour of work, and something that is ongoing, we recommend looking at our affordable Maintenance Plan.

Typical submissions we see for a One Time Fix are:

Issues or updates needed with PlugIns or WordPress Themes

White screen of death or troubleshooting website crash

Issues with e-commerce/checkout system

Security/hacking concerns

If you are thinking of something on your site that could use our help, fill out this form to give us the information that we will need to get started. No matter the issue you are facing, our team is here to help with a WordPress One Time Fix.

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